Code of ethics

ATLAS WORK Sp. z o. o.


  1. Spó ł Atlas Work Sp. z o. o. based in Marki, entered into the register of entrepreneurs under KRS number 0000637747, hereinafter referred to as "Atlas Work", is a Temporary Employment Agency entered into the Register of Entities Running Employment Agencies KRAZ under number 15010 and employs temporary workers on the basis of a contract employment contracts and civil law contracts.
  2. Atlas Work supports the development of the labor market by promoting a positive work culture and creating lasting social bonds, and for this purpose it has created the principles and procedures described in this Code of Ethics, hereinafter referred to as the Code of Ethics, which it undertakes to follow in its business activities and in contacts and relations with all its Employees, Collaborators, Customers and Suppliers.
  3. Atlas Work complies with all provisions of the Labor Law in force in the countries in which it conducts its business, including in the territory of the Republic of Poland the provisions of the Labor Code of June 26, 1974 (Journal of Laws No. 24, item 141), hereinafter referred to as the Labor Code and other labor law provisions.
  4. Code of Ethics is consistent with the United Nations' demand to "adopt, support and implement a set of fundamental values in the areas of human rights, labor standards, the environment and the fight against corruption" codified in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, in the Declaration of the International Labor Organization on fundamental principles and rights at work and in the Ten Principles of the Global Compact on Human Rights, Labor, the Environment and Anti-Corruption.
  5. Code of Ethics is an integral part of Atlas Work's policy. was issued and adopted by the Atlas Work management board.
  6. Code of Ethics is binding on all Atlas Work Employees, Collaborators, Customers and Suppliers.
  7. Atlas Work asks its employees, co-workers, clients and suppliers to read the Code of Ethics and obliges them, within the framework of cooperation, to comply with all the principles contained in the Code of Ethics.


Atlas Work cooperates with Public Administration, Institutions and all other entities in the scope of regulations in force in the countries in which it operates. adopting behavioral criteria based on the principles of honesty and transparency and committing to comply with the provisions of the Labor Law in the Republic of Poland, including the principles of the Law

Work specified in Chapter II of the Labor Code, in particular:

  1. work prohibited kids;
  2. eliminate any forms of forced and compulsory labor, as well as combating modern slavery and human trafficking;
  3. free association employees and the right to collective bargaining;
  4. elimination of any forms of discrimination;
  5. comply with all regulations regulating the labor market in the field of occupational health and safety, disciplinary procedures, working time and remuneration;
  6. fights with corruption in all its forms, including extortion and bribery.


Atlas Work bases its activities on the principle of honesty and balancing the individual interests of particular people. every Employee, Co-Employee, Customer and Supplier with the interests of the Company and respects diversity and mutual respect in accordance with the values and principles of this Code of Ethics. The principle of integrity underpins the conduct of every person working at or on behalf of Atlas Work:

  1. in contacts with Employees, Candidates and Collaborators in which the selection, recruitment, training, remuneration and management of human resources is carried out solely on the basis of merit and competence, without any discrimination, for example on the basis of gender, religion, national or ethnic origin , cultural or social origin, disability or illness, sexual orientation, age, marital status or political opinions;
  2. in contacts with People towards whom no prejudice or unfair treatment is allowed, and working conditions conducive to the development of an individual's personality and professionalism are promoted;
  3. in relationships with clients to provide services of increasingly higher quality, taking into account the specific requirements of each of them;


  1. Employment is voluntary, Atlas Work does not use forced labor, including prison labor, bonded labor or other forms of forced labor, and complies with the International Labor Organization's Conventions Prohibiting Forced Labor. Atlas Work does not tolerate labor trafficking or other exploitation of workers by means of threats, force, coercion, abduction or fraud. Pursuant to applicable law, work must be voluntary, and employees have the opportunity to leave their job and terminate their employment relationship or other employment status with at least the statutory notice period specified in the Labor Code.
  2. Atlas Work respects the dignity and other personal rights of Employees, harassment and physical, sexual, mental or verbal abuse of employees is strictly prohibited.
  3. Atlas Work does not require Candidates and Employees to submit the original of their identity card, passport or work permit as a condition of work, Atlas Work may store copies of such documents only to the extent necessary to obtain a temporary residence permit for the Employee in the territory of the Republic of Poland and consent to work in the territory of the Republic of Poland.
  4. Atlas Work employs only people who are over 18 years of age.
  5. Atlas Work does not discriminate against its employees on the basis of gender, race, religion, age, disability, sexual orientation, pregnancy, marital status, nationality, political opinions, trade union membership, social or ethnic origin or any other aspects, in relation to the Declaration of the International Organization Labor Act of 1998 on fundamental principles and rights at work, against which such discrimination is prohibited. Atlas Work confirms that any discrimination in employment, direct or indirect, in particular due to gender, age, disability, race, religion, nationality, political beliefs, trade union membership, ethnic origin, denomination, sexual orientation, temporary employment definite or indefinite, full-time or part-time employment - is unacceptable and completely prohibited. Employees have equal rights due to the equal fulfillment of the same obligations; this applies in particular to the different treatment of men and women in employment.
  6. Employees, in order to represent and defend their rights and interests, they have law create organizations and join these organizations, they must not be exposed to any harassment or retaliation for the above activities, Atlas Work respects the freedoms of association and collective bargaining between employees and the workplace. 
  7. The employee has the right to rest, Atlas Work respects the provisions of the Labor Law regarding working time, and the contract with the employee clearly defines the working time. Atlas Work, in accordance with the possibilities and conditions, meets the living and social needs of Employees and declares a safe, hygienic and healthy work environment and, in cooperation with contractors, takes the necessary measures to prevent accidents and injuries of employees resulting from work at the workplace. work or related to it.


Atlas Work protects the privacy of all entities with which it cooperates and the confidentiality of information and personal data in its possession. The collection, processing and storage of any personal data may only be performed by persons expressly authorized to do so based on the direct authorization of the data controller or processor. Data must be collected and processed for specific, explicit and legitimate purposes, in accordance with the principles of adequacy, appropriateness and limitation, and persons authorized to process data may under no circumstances use any information for purposes unrelated to the conduct of the company's business. Taking into account the sensitive nature of the information and documents processed (e.g. CVs, pay stubs, employment contracts, mandate contracts), everyone who works at Atlas Work or on its behalf undertakes to comply with the strictest privacy protection procedures to protect all interested parties, comply with relevant regulations and agreed obligations related to the employment contract or specific confidentiality agreements.


Atlas Work bases its activities, communication and provision of information on the principle of transparency, emphasizing the value of gaining the trust of our employees and associates. Transparency is a guiding principle, in particular:

  1. regarding to manage the Company and contractual relations with Employee Candidates, Employees, Collaborators, Customers, Suppliers, which must be honest, clear and transparent;
  2. regarding to the costs of the services offered, which must be clearly defined,
  3. regarding for external communication of the Company's information, which must be true, simple, understandable, fast and available to everyone, in particular no Employee or Collaborator is authorized to convey personal opinions on behalf of Atlas Work, in including on social media; disclosure of information and data regarding the Company or the use of the logo, which is only possible with the express consent of Atlas Work.


Atlas Work undertakes to fulfill all its legal obligations in the field of hygiene, health and safety, starting with a thorough risk assessment, followed by a clear definition of prevention and protection, to ensure effective safety and security in the workplace. Without exception, all Employees and Collaborators who act on behalf of Atlas Work are obliged to:

  1. compliance , conscientiously complying with all specific procedures related to their function, violation of the regulations is never tolerated for any reason;
  2. having a positive effect influence in relation to good conduct, acting as promoters of workplace safety, including appropriate and expected behavior in the workplace;
  3. taking a stance and behavior based on the principles of respect, prudence, sobriety and courtesy in contacts both with colleagues and third parties.
  4. Atlas Work will intervene to prevent any offensive, discriminatory, threatening or defamatory conduct and will strictly prohibit physical or emotional aggression, the use of profanity or verbal aggression, harassment, mobbing or intimidation, and will apply appropriate disciplinary measures or penalties in the event of any such violations, < /span>
  5. Atlas Work requires its employees and co-workers to be aware of the negative impact of alcohol and drugs on their own and other people's health, both in and outside the workplace.


  1. Obligated entities to comply with the Code of Ethics are:
    1. board members Atlas Work and all other decision-making and supervisory bodies of the Company, Managers and Employees included in the organizational structures;
    2. all Employees regardless of the form of employment, i.e. employed under an employment contract, mandate contract, contract for specific work,
    3. external Contributors Employees and Consultants who act on behalf of or on behalf of Atlas Work.
  2. In the interests of Atlas Work's goal is for the Code of Ethics to be disseminated among all Atlas Work Employees and Collaborators.
  3. Management Board, Atlas Work directors and department managers must demonstrate the values and provisions of the Code of Ethics through their work, making every effort to ensure that they are understood and implemented by everyone.
  4. Employees and Co-workers are obliged to act in accordance with the values, principles and goals contained in the Code of Ethics.
  5. All Customers will be familiarized with the provisions of the Code of Ethics and will be obliged to comply with them.
  6. For to familiarize Employees and Collaborators with the Code of Ethics. Atlas Work organizes appropriate training.
  7. For compliance The Team for Compliance with the Code of Ethics is responsible for the interpretation and verification of the principles contained in this Code of Ethics. Any situations or behavior that violate the provisions of this Code of Ethics and applicable legal provisions, which cannot be resolved immediately, should be reported to the Team for compliance with the principles of the Code of Ethics, via e-mail to the following address: : or davyd.lazor@atlaswork .pl. Each report will be considered immediately and in such a way as to guarantee anonymity and protect against the risk of discrimination against anyone who reports violations of the Code of Ethics.
  8. Any suspicions regarding violations of the provisions of the Labor Law may be reported by employees or co-workers directly to the National Labor Inspectorate, ul. Barska 28/30, 02-315 Warszawa, tel: (22) 391 82 15, Any suspicions regarding human trafficking or forced labor may be reported by Employees and Associates directly to :
    1. National Center Intervention and consultation for victims of human trafficking, the aim of which is to prevent human trafficking, tel. +48 22 628 01 20,
    2. Voacute Commands ;Police Department for Combating Human Trafficking Tel. (22) 60-148-33, 664 974934, E-mail:

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