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Outsourcing / Leasing of employees from Ukraine | Atlas Work

Recruitment of workers from Ukraine

Period of employment

unlimited time hiring

a maximum of 18 months in a period of 36 months.


responsibility all responsibility for employment and processes on the agency's side

responsibility divided between the user employer and the agency

Type of work

possibility of entrusting any work

only work permitted by the Labor Code

Health and safety

on the agency side

on the client side

Why us


Our recruiters conduct careful selection every day to find the right candidates.


This is our attitude when working with foreigners. We have developed a document circulation system that eliminates the possibility of making mistakes.


We introduce bonus systems and bonuses on our contracts. We guarantee fair remuneration.


Do każdego projektu wyznaczyć Koordynatorów czuwających nad prawidłową realizacją potrzeb Klienta. Na potrzeby reagujemy natychmiastowo.