Production workers

Production workers, workers in production halls

Our employment agency specializes in recruiting blue-collar workers from Ukraine. They are valued and desired on the Polish labor market. Their involvement is even more important because many companies currently have a problem with shortages of lower-level employees. Some entrepreneurs decide to recruit employees for the production hall on their own. However, this is a long and expensive process. Moreover, an insufficient number of people employed may affect the quality and pace of production. To avoid losses and find employees quickly, it is better to approach recruitment differently.

Where to look for production workers?

Cooperation with us brings many benefits to the company. We will quickly find ideal candidates for various positions. They are effective both in independent and team work. An employee working on a production line does not have to have high qualifications, but must be honest, conscientious and motivated to work. We know where to look for the right people and how to conduct recruitment so that the company gains a good employee. Through us, it is easier to find employees for the production and packaging of chocolate products, who can join our ranks permanently or temporarily. The production employee will be provided with transport and accommodation by us. We also handle HR and payroll services, which is an additional advantage of working with us. We encourage all companies from the production industry that want to effectively deal with staffing problems to contact us.

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