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Employees from Ukraine are increasingly sought after, and depending on the company's policy, its needs and expectations, the form of employment may be different. One of the most profitable and therefore most frequently chosen options is employee outsourcing. It is also included in the Atlas Work offer.

For some time now it has been observed that there are difficulties in recruiting experienced and qualified employees on the domestic market. At the same time, Poland is one of the most attractive destinations for economic emigration for Ukrainian citizens. It is worth taking advantage of this and supplementing the staff with qualified and motivated specialists from beyond the eastern border. Employing foreigners raises many questions and doubts, especially those related to formal issues. And among others For this reason, outsourcing employees from Ukraine is an ideal solution.

Outsourcing employees from Ukraine
Outsourcing employees from Ukraine
Outsourcing employees from Ukraine
Outsourcing employees from Ukraine

What is employee outsourcing?

Outsourcing itself involves delegating certain activities related to the functioning of the company to external entities. Employee outsourcing works similarly. In this case, tasks are delegated to employees who are employed by another employer. Because there are few formalities involved and the company benefits from similar benefits as if it had hired someone full-time, the popularity of this solution is gradually growing.

Why is it worth it?

First of all, there is no need to create new positions in the company. The employee has to perform certain specific tasks, but no employment contract is signed with him, and there is no need for HR and payroll services. All this is taken over by another entity, in this case Atlas Work. This is therefore a huge saving of time that would otherwise be spent on recruitment, as well as on implementing and meeting all legal requirements related to the employment of foreigners. There are also economic considerations – the lack of another full-time position in the company means much lower costs.


We ensure that all employment conditions will be met and remuneration paid to employees on time.


We give you the opportunity to adapt the working mode to your needs, especially working hours, overtime and night shifts.


We support our employees at all stages, from recruitment to PIT settlement.

Entrust your search for an employee to professionals!

Outsourcing of employees from Ukraine, offered by Atlas Work, is a fantastic proposition for a company that is determined to employ an employee from Ukraine, but does not have sufficient knowledge about the regulations, wants to find an employee quickly or is looking for ways to save money.< /p>

Atlas Work takes over activities related to the recruitment of employees, taking into account all the needs and expectations of the company to which they are to be delegated. We also deal with issues related to the legalization of stay and accommodation of Ukrainian citizens. The entire risk related to legal matters, tax settlements, contacts with state offices and institutions is also transferred to us. A company that decides to cooperate with Atlas Work therefore derives only benefits and does not incur costs that would be obligatory if the employees were employed there directly.

We have been operating on the market since 2016 and so far a group of entrepreneurs from Poland and many international companies have trusted us. Our portfolio is constantly developing and the number of companies that cooperate with us increases.

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