Warehouse workers

Plants employing large groups of blue-collar workers struggle with frequent staffing problems. This includes, among others: work in the warehouse. Frequent recruitment is necessary, which involves a lot of time and money. However, instead of conducting the recruitment process on your own, you can entrust the search for a warehouse employee to our employment agency.

Where to look for warehouse and logistics workers?

We have been specializing in the recruitment of blue-collar workers from Ukraine for years. We make sure that candidates meet all the requirements for their future job position. Working as a warehouseman requires good health, honesty, ability to work in a team and compliance with occupational health and safety rules. An employee employed in logistics and warehousing often needs to have additional qualifications. For example, the company needs a forklift operator, i.e. a person with UDT qualifications. In addition, the warehouse worker must be motivated to work, which is abundant in candidates from across the eastern border.

Working as a warehouseman, packer, picker and sorter often involves employing a larger group of people, which we can also handle. We have extensive experience in the industry and we approach recruitment flexibly so that both cooperation and employee qualifications meet the company's expectations. We can recruit employees whose employment may be temporary or permanent. Each warehouse worker will be trained to exceed the company's threshold and be prepared to take on new responsibilities. We offer support not only during recruitment, but also in the field of contracts and settlements.

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