Recruitment of workers from Ukraine

Temporary work is a flexible form of employment that works in many companies. When looking for temporary workers, entrepreneurs use the help of employment agencies. For years, we have specialized in recruiting temporary workers for various positions. What does cooperation with us look like and what benefits do companies that decide to do so benefit from it?

What is temporary work?

The term temporary work covers a form of employment in which an employee is employed for a certain period. It may be performed for one employer for a period no longer than that specified in the Act. Depending on the needs of the company that employs temporary workers, they may be employed seasonally, ad hoc or periodically.

A characteristic feature of temporary work is the three-way nature of cooperation. The parties are the temporary employee, the temporary employment agency and the employer to whom the employee is to be assigned. We, as the agency, employ the employee and are responsible for formal matters.

Outsourcing employees from Ukraine
Outsourcing employees from Ukraine
Outsourcing employees from Ukraine
Outsourcing employees from Ukraine

In which companies are temporary workers best suited?

Temporary workers find employment in many companies. They most often work in places such as production halls, warehouses, assembly lines, construction and renovation works. Temporary work is common in the service sector, especially in the catering and hotel industries. Interest in this option is also attractive to owners of stores and shopping centers looking for cashiers, merchandisers and cleaning staff. We have experience in recruiting temporary workers for all the mentioned industries. When conducting recruitment, we verify the qualifications necessary for individual job positions and the personality traits that the employee should demonstrate.

Temporary work — main benefits for the employer

Starting cooperation with a temporary employment agency and accepting temporary workers into its ranks has many advantages for companies. Here are the most important advantages of this solution:

  • Save time. By entrusting recruitment to us, you can save a lot of time searching for ideal candidates and conducting interviews.
  • Flexibility. Temporary work involves employing employees only when they are actually needed. There will be no staffing burden when the demand for services or goods is lower. This is an ideal proposition, among others: for companies working seasonally.
  • No long-term commitments. Employees are only employed for a specified period of time. Moreover, all formal issues are dealt with by the agency.

What does cooperation with a temporary employment agency look like?

We have extensive experience in the industry and we know how different the needs of entrepreneurs are. We always listen to their requirements.

Determining the needs, i.e. the number of employees, the qualifications they must have and the duration of employment, is crucial for the effectiveness of recruitment.

Then we recruit employees for specific positions, taking into account the previous requirements. We are looking for candidates among Ukrainian citizens, conducting interviews, verifying qualifications and skills. After selecting appropriate candidates, employees are delegated to the company. After accepting the candidates, we move on to formal matters and signing the contract. Because we also deal with later formal issues, the employer has complete comfort. Depending on demand, we recruit individual employees or larger groups.

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