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Workers from Ukraine are increasingly present on the Polish labor market. They are employed, for example, by companies in Gliwice. Ukrainians are conscientious people whoóre able to contribute a lot to the company. However, you need to know where to look for them and how to recruit them so that the ranks of employeesów are filled with suitable candidates. Instead of doing it on your own, recruitment can be entrusted to a temporary employment agency.

Workers from Ukraine Gliwice

Qualified workers from Ukraine in Gliwice

For years we have specialized in finding willing Ukrainiansów to work for us. We see that entrepreneurs from Gliwice whoóve decided to take this step are fully satisfied. Hence, when demand is higher, they contact us about recruiting again. Not only do we know where to find motivated employeesów from Ukraine, but we know how toób verify their skills and qualifications. Ultimately, the company receives people whoóre going to meet the expectations set by the employer in every respect.

By entrusting recruitment to us, you gain more time for your business

Hiring a specialist without recruiting significantly relieves the burden on the HR department, which does not have to oversee the entire process and interview candidates afterwards. This is a huge energy and costów savings. These are not the only benefits a company reaps by deciding to look for employeesós through us.

Because the entire social and legal responsibility rests with our temporary work agency, the prospective employer does not have to worry that he is not familiar with the regulationsól related to the employment of foreigners. It is we who will draw up the contracts, verify the legality of the stay and take care of the calculation of contributions. The company gains a new employee, but we are the ones who take care of all the related documentation. We are flexible in our operations, so our services can change depending on the needs of the company. We can look for a single specialist or a group of professionalsós for seasonal work, for example.

Where we operate

Through our job portal, you can easily employ workers from Ukraine in any city in Poland, including:

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