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Any entrepreneur whoóry looking for flexible employment solutions should consider taking on a temporary employee. Depending on what the demand for products or services is at the time, a different number of employeesów may be hired.

Workers from Ukraine Bialystok

For whom to cooperate with a temporary work agency?

The possibility of temporary work is largely used by industries characterized by seasonality, but the advantages of this solution are appreciated by more and more sectorsóof the economy. Including those where work is continuous, and a constant number of employeesów is important for uninterrupted work, such as in manufacturing plants.

Our temporary employment agency from Bialystok has extensive experience in recruiting for a variety of positions. We adapt our selection methods to the needs of each company. Therefore, the entrepreneur gains confidence that he accepts for the position a person whoós up to the duties entrusted to him. We focus primarily on the recruitment of employeesów from Ukraine. They are being hired more and more often in Bialystok. They are valued for their honesty, discipline and skills.

What can we help you with?

A company thatós planning to hire employeesófrom Ukraine can count on our support at every stage of cooperation. First we will specify the expectations towards the new employee, then we will conduct the recruitment process in such a wayóas to find a person whoóll fit into the company's policy. Opróon top of that we take care of all the personnel matters and formalities that are indispensable when hiring a foreigner. Thus, the entrepreneur does not have to worry about regulationsów or inspections.

Where we operate

Through our job portal, you can easily employ workers from Ukraine in any city in Poland, including:

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