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Many entrepreneursów struggle to find employeesów. The reasons for this phenomenon are various, but this does not change the fact that in order for a company to maintain a competitive position in the market, staff shortages need to be filled. The answer to the needs of companies in Gdynia may be employees from Ukraine. Our temporary employment agency will help with recruitment and all formal matters.

Workers from Ukraine Gdynia

When workers from Ukraine are a good option?

It is worth thinking about hiring Ukrainiansów first when the demand for the company's products and services is seasonal. An employee can be hired for the time of increased interest in products amongós customers. However, you don't have to incur the costóve of maintaining the workplace when there is no demand for labor.

Employees from Ukraine are also a good option for companies in need of specialistsód whoóre increasingly difficult to find among Polesód. You can also think about hiring them when you need a replacement employee or need to replenish your team of subordinates very quickly. Candidates can be searched for on their own, or you can consider cooperation with a temporary work agency in Gdynia. The second option is definitely more profitable for the employer. What does it look like when cooperating with our agency?

Temporary work agencies Gdynia – why is it worth it?

When looking for an employee, it is necessary not only to prepare an ad, but also to know where to look for ideal candidatesów and how from among those willing to choose those who will conscientiously apply themselves to their dutiesów. This consumes a lot of time, energy and, more than once, money. Temporary employment agencies in Gdynia have experience in this and will immediately recruit people with the required qualifications.

Trust us to recruit workersów from Ukraine

For years we have been recruiting both individual workersós from Ukraine and larger groups. We conduct both permanent and one-off recruitments. However, we always make sure that candidates meet all the requirements set by the employer. We adapt our recruitment methods to what kind of specialistsós the company needs. The fact that we offer high-quality services is evidenced by the fact that we work with many companies on a regular basis. Not only will we carry out the recruitment process from start to finish, but weóll also take care of all the formalities. This means that a new employee or employees from Ukraine come to the company, and at the same time the employer does not have to prepare documentation or calculate contributions. Everything is handled by our agency.

Where we operate

Through our job portal, you can easily employ workers from Ukraine in any city in Poland, including:

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