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In many enterprises, the demand for products and services changes throughout the year. Therefore, the number of employees needed will not be the same all the time. This includes, among others: companies in Płock. This is one of the most common reasons why employers decide to employ temporary workers. They can be easily found through employment agencies. Płock is on the list of cities where we have been recruiting employees for various positions for a long time.

Employees from Ukraine in Płock

Employees from Ukraine – Płock

Atlas Work, a temporary employment agency in Płock, specializes primarily in the recruitment of employees from Ukraine. This comes with many benefits. Often, it is neighbors from across the eastern border who help fill staff shortages when there is a shortage of job candidates among Poles in Płock. Recruitment runs smoothly and there will be no downtime even during intense periods. It is worth mentioning that employment agencies take over all obligations related to completing formalities in connection with the employment of foreigners, so the employer does not have to worry about inspections from state institutions. We provide support in case of any difficulties and problems, which allows you to focus on business development.

Cooperation with a reliable temporary employment agency Płock

We have long-term business relationships with many companies from Płock, and we systematically recruit employees. However, we always adapt to the needs of the company, which is why we also deal with one-off recruitment. We approach each recruitment process with equal care. The specialists we have recruited so far are employed not only in Płock. Employees from Ukraine also join the ranks in other towns in the area.

In addition to recruitment, we can also offer employers outsourcing of employees. This means that we refer specialists to the company, but they are not employed there full-time. This is an interesting offer for entrepreneurs who want to reduce formalities to a minimum.

Where we operate

Through our job portal, you can easily employ workers from Ukraine in any city in Poland, including:

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