Temporary employment agency in Poznań - employees from Ukraine

Looking at employment issues, temporary work is extremely flexible and therefore an attractive solution for many employers. Our temporary employment agency will help companies from Poznań find qualified employees who will fill staff shortages and contribute to the development of the company.

Employees from Ukraine Poznań

Careful and thoughtful recruitment

Employees from Ukraine who are employed in Poznań through us are recruited on the basis of the most modern recruitment methods, which allow to verify skills and qualifications. This means that the employer can be sure that the position in his company is occupied by someone who knows his duties very well. We provide clear terms of cooperation and employment, which is appreciated by both companies that cooperate with us and the employees we recruit.

What are the other benefits of cooperating with us?

We take over more than just the tasks related to the recruitment process. We are responsible for preparing employees to work in Poznań companies, we calculate remuneration and contributions, we prepare contracts and all documents related to employment. We know the law perfectly well, and our clients do not have to worry about inspections. In addition, we have constant access to a database of people willing to work. These candidates are qualified and motivated to work and will therefore perform their duties conscientiously. In the event of staff shortages or increased demand, we will quickly find another employee.

Where we operate

Through our job portal, you can easily employ workers from Ukraine in any city in Poland, including:

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