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One of the factorsós contribution to the company's profitós is its flexibility. This is one of the most important reasonsówhy our temporary employment agency from the city of Kutno is recruiting more and more employeesów. Entrepreneurs are aware of the numerous advantagesów that are associated with cooperationówith the agency, so they entrust us with further recruitment processes.

Workers from Ukraine Kutno

What benefits does the company reap?

Depending on the position, recruitment may involve a different amount of time and costów. Ultimately, choosingór ideal candidate is not always easy. By contacting us, the entrepreneur avoids all this and thus saves mnóstwo of time and energy. We will prepare the recruitment process from start to finish. We get to work right away, when the employer communicates all the requirements for the future employee. Ultimately, the ranks of employeesóll be filled by a person with the right qualifications, whoóll conscientiously perform their tasks. It is worth noting that the temporary work agency from Kutno also takes care of contracts and settlements, which is also a great advantage.

We recruit workersów from Ukraine in Kutno

There is a clear interest in hiring foreignersów for temporary work. They are mobilized to work and apply themselves to their dutiesów. Observing trends, we are engaged in recruiting employeesów from Ukraine. Many companies in Kutno have hired their neighbors from across the eastern border through us. Entrepreneurs are satisfied both with our approach and support (including in formal matters), as well as with the skills of the accepted employeesó

Where we operate

Through our job portal, you can easily employ workers from Ukraine in any city in Poland, including:

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