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Poland is one of the most common destinationsóof labor migration among Ukrainiansów. Workers from this country are highly motivated to work and exemplify the dutiesód to them. The temporary work agency Atlas Work has long been recruiting workersód from Ukraine to companies in Rzeszow. We observe that interest in this type of service is growing.

Workers from Ukraine Rzeszów

Workers from Ukraine for permanent and temporary work

For years, employers have been complaining that there is a shortage of skilled workersóin the labor market. This gap is filled by workers from Ukraine. Thanks to their employment, the company does not risk opós or production being slowed down by a shortage of hands. Besides, it is not necessary to hire an employee permanently right away. Among candidates for work in Polish companies there is no shortage of people interested in temporary work. This is an excellent solution for companies whose industry is characterized by seasonal demand for services or products. The reason why some employersóve so far decided not to use this solution is due to formalities and ignorance of legal regulations. And this is exactly what our temporary work agency will help with.

How does the Atlas Work temporary employment agency work?

Deciding to cooperate with us, the employer does not have to worry about any difficulties and complications arising from legal requirementsós. We take care of the entire recruitment process, starting with the search for candidatesór to work in Rzeszów, and ending with the selection of those whoór meet the expectations of the employer. In addition, it is we who take full responsibility for meeting the formal requirementsów of employment.

As well as we will take care of the employee when it comes to drafting his documentation, including the contract. We will also take care of calculating the salary. For the company, this means that it gains an employee conscientiously performing the duties assigned to him, while at the same time it will not have to add to the dutiesów of the HR department. We always try to approach the needs of entrepreneursów flexibly, so we conduct both the recruitment of individual employeesów and entire groups.

Where we operate

Through our job portal, you can easily employ workers from Ukraine in any city in Poland, including:

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