Temporary employment agency Siedlce - workers from Ukraine

Atlas Work is an agency thatóra has specialized for years in recruiting employeesófor a variety of jobs. We adapt our work methods to the needs of the client. Our temporary work agency in Siedlce supports entrepreneursów by placing the right peopleów to work. We know where to look for candidatesów so that the company gets qualified professionals whoóll reliably perform their duties.

Workers from Ukraine Siedlce

Temporary employment agency Siedlce – why is it worth it?

Depending on the demand for a given product or service, a variable number of employeesów are needed. If all personnel have permanent contracts, whether the company has income or temporary downtime, the employer incurs costs. Therefore, when running a seasonal business or one where there is no constant demand, a much better solution is to take on temporary employeesós. By entrusting recruitment to us, the employer can focus on the mainós business.

Workers from Ukraine – Siedlce

We specialize primarily in the recruitment of workersó from across the eastern border. Workers from Ukraine in Siedlce are employed by many companies, where they are valued for their diligence and commitment. We will carry out the entire recruitment process, from the search for candidatesów to interviews and verification against the employer's requirements. In addition, we will take over all paperwork related to legal residency and contracts. We recruit both individual employeesóas well as entire groups.

Where we operate

Through our job portal, you can easily employ workers from Ukraine in any city in Poland, including:

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