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Employing seasonal workersós is in many industries a much better solution than signing an employment contract. Our temporary work agency in Swinoujscie has been observing a growing interest in this form of employment for years. Especially welcome are workers from the Ukraine, whoórych in Swinoujscie are accepted to work more and more willingly.

Workers from Ukraine Swinoujscie

Why is recruitment worth entrusting to us?

Our agency is made up of specialists whoóers know perfectly well the needs of the labor market, know howób to look for employeesów and how to carry out the recruitment process, so that the company gets employees who are responsible and qualified to perform the dutiesów related to a given position. Depending on the needs, we recruit groups of employeesów or individual professionalsów.

Thanks to us, the company saves time and money. On the one hand, there is no need to engage in additional recruitment processes, which sometimes takes longer. On the other hand, the employer gains confidence that the employee will prove himself and there will be no need to recruit from scratch.

The employer is also assured that the employee will prove himself and there will be no need to recruit from scratch.

Employees from Ukraine in Swinoujscie

For several years it can be observed that companies are recruiting temporary workersóamong Ukrainians. They are conscientious and self-motivated people whoóre reliable in their tasks. If they are hired through us, the employer does not have to worry about inspections from authoritiesów, contracts or other formalities, because we are responsible for everything. This means that the entrepreneur can fully concentrate on his business.

Where we operate

Through our job portal, you can easily employ workers from Ukraine in any city in Poland, including:

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