Temporary employment agency Szczecin - workers from Ukraine

In order for a company to grow and be successful, it must hire qualified employeesów. Deciding to cooperate with our temporary work agency from Szczecin, you get a guarantee that the ranks of employeesóll be filled with people motivated to work and having the necessary education and skills for the position.

Workers from Ukraine Szczecin

Why hire employeesów from Ukraine?

When recruiting, we focus primarily on candidates living in Ukraine. Amongód them are people with very diverse qualifications, whoóre going to find themselves in many positions. Cultural and linguistic similarities are also important. Workers from Ukraine are employed in an increasing number of companies in Szczecin, and entrepreneurs highly value their commitment.

Benefits of cooperating with us

The desire to hire an employee from Ukraine is one side of the coin, and knowledge of procedures and regulationsów is quite another. By cooperating with us, you don't need to recruit – we take over all the activities. Not only will we organize the entire recruitment process, but we also take care of contracts, billing and accommodation. A qualified employee comes to the company, while at the same time the HR department does not have to deal with the documentation related to employment. Depending on the needs, we recruit entire groups of employeesóor individual specialistsós. We can quickly find people for seasonal work, for shorter and longer projectsów and when a replacement is sought. This will ensure that entrepreneurs get exactly the help they need.

Where we operate

Through our job portal, you can easily employ workers from Ukraine in any city in Poland, including:

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