Temporary work agency Kolobrzeg - workers from Ukraine

Our temporary employment agency co-ós with many companies in Kolobrzeg. We have a lot of knowledge and experience in recruitment, we listen to the needs of our clientsów, so that they get employees who perform their duties conscientiously. What we specialize in is the recruitment of employeesów from Ukraine.

Employees from Ukraine Kolobrzeg

When is it worth using our services?

It is worth deciding on cooperation with our agency when the activity of the company is seasonal. You do not have to pay premiums and taxesów when there is no work. The idea of temporary work is that the employee is taken on only for such a period as the employer needs.

It is also worth noting that we have been in the market for a long time. We are able to choose recruitment methods to select the best candidatesów. Looking from this perspective, the employer not only saves money on premiums. It also doesnót incur any costsóon the lengthy recruitment process. Since employeesóre recruited by specialists, there is also no risk of having to recruit again.

Employees from Ukraine

We recruit workersów for a variety of positions and with a variety of qualifications. Employees from Ukraine whoóers to companies in Kolobrzeg are motivated to work and meet all the requirements set by the future employer. The company gains a conscientious employee, and at the same time does not have to worry about any formal issues and possible inspections from the authoritiesów. Responsibility for all matters related to documentation and legality of stay is taken over by our agency.

Where we operate

Through our job portal, you can easily employ workers from Ukraine in any city in Poland, including:

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