Skilled workers

Manual workers are constantly needed in the labor market, and deficits concern many industries. It is not always possible to find suitable candidates on your own, especially when you need a skilled worker. By deciding to cooperate with our employment agency, you can avoid long recruitment processes, but you can be sure that the employee ranks will be filled with people with the desired skills.

Where to look for skilled workers?

Our recruitment runs smoothly, and we are looking for employees primarily among Ukrainian citizens. There are many qualified workers among them who are ready to work in Poland. Depending on the company's business profile and its needs, we can find electricians, locksmiths, welders or mechanics at a given moment. The employees we recruit find employment in, among others: in the transport, construction and metal products production industries.

Because we want them to work together. With us, companies have received a conscientious employee who will reliably fulfill the duties entrusted to him, we verify the education and skills of candidates.

We support entrepreneurs in the recruitment process, HR and payroll services and all formalities related to employment. We realize that each company is different, which is why we recruit qualified workers with various skills and predispositions. Through us, you can hire one person or a group of employees.

Are you looking for employees?